As sustainability continues to thrive in the industry for both brands and consumers it is important to know about the different materials for sustainable packaging needs. Our vast library of green materials are customizable to meet your brands needs and make for a beautiful and sustainable product.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable Packaging Materials include:

Aluminum- Available in a variety of styles and sizes with all aluminum material.

PCR Powder Packaging

Recyclable PCR- As shown above, this Powder Slide Cap’s unique design allows for an all PP Cap which can be made in PCR up to 80% (plus it can be recycled). The bottle for this specific packaging option can be made in PCR up to 30%. Now available in 50ml and 100ml.

Sugarcane- A sustainable solution with a powerful story that consumers gravitate towards. Bottles and tubes can be made from 100% sugarcane, which is also recyclable. We offer bottles in various sizes and neck finishes as well as tubes from 13mm to 50mm, accommodating large range of fill sizes,

Glass- One of our largest assortments of sustainable materials leading the luxury skincare industry. Our library includes glass packaging options from jars, bottles, droppers and more. This recyclable option is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, finished and customizations.

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