With Sage® Airless System technology, your products will be more innovative and sustainable. Available in various diameters and with different applicators, it is a highly versatile solution that meets a wide range of viscosities such as creamy, oily, watery, gelatinous and hydroalcoholic.

A mono-material, ultra-efficient technology with an internal unidirectional valve that controls the flow and prevents air from returning to the tube. This feature and the fact that it is airless reduces the possibility of oxidation of the formulas. The Sage® Airless System meets the growing demand for packaging that bottles organic and reduced preservative formulas.

  • Reduce the need for preservatives
  • Protect against oxidation
  • Does not contaminate the formula
  • Increase the shelf life after opening
  • Packaging solution for natural formulas
  • One way valve blocks the air from returning into the tube
  • Flow controlled dosage avoiding product waste

Product #: SBWI-AZALEA

Fill Capacity: 15 - 55ml

Diameter: 25

Material: Mono Material (all PE) or PE Green Sugar Cane

Type: Airless Pump, Tube


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