In honor of International Women's Day on March 8th, we are proud to introduce or reintroduce you to our fabulous co-founder.

Meet Vonda Simon, the woman behind SeaCliff Beauty!

Vonda Simon is a female founder, proud wife, mother, and the CEO of SeaCliff Beauty. She has been developing state-of-the-art packaging concepts for clients in the beauty and wellness space for over 20 years. She’s built SeaCliff Beauty around customer service and the desire to build strong collaborative partnerships with her customers.

Working with beauty giants like Guthy Renker, Murad, Estee Lauder, and more, Vonda creates distinctive packaging and customized turnkey formulations designed to meet your brand needs. Her can-do attitude propels SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories to offer clients limitless possibilities - all under one roof. If you’re a brand with a vision, Vonda can make it come to fruition.

Vonda’s journey in the beauty industry began with TricorBraun, one of the world’s largest packaging distributors. In a world dominated by men, Vonda quickly became the top salesperson at Tricor because of her desire to listen and learn from her customers. She was passionate about understanding all facets of the development process - packaging development, formula development, and company branding.

After seven years with Tricor, Vonda decided it was time to venture out. She created SeaCliff Beauty Packaging in 1999; a one-stop-shop where all aspects of beauty brand building could be facilitated, from packaging to formulation, all under one roof.

Vonda’s passion and willingness to partner with her customers have given her a competitive edge and earned her respect among heavy hitters in the beauty industry. Her commitment to exceed customer expectations has kept SeaCliff at the forefront of an ever evolving industry. “It’s really important to listen and be attentive to clients’ needs,” says Vonda. “I get so much pleasure  when my clients come to me with a vision and I can help bring it to life. It makes me proud and happy to be doing what I do!”